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H2 Hummer Limousines in Perth are available in four different sizes. Be aware of the amount of room insided the limousine, it is not just the beauty, or physical appearance of the Hummer.

H140”  [inch]  – 3.55m stretch: overall length  8.72m
H160”  [inch]  – 4.06m stretch: overall length  9.23m
H200”  [inch]  – 5.08m stretch: overall length 10.25m
H210”  [inch]  – 5.33m stretch: overall length 10.50m

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Hummer Limousine Hire Sizes

Perth Hummer Limousine Sizes – Facts with H2 Limousines.

  1. H140                        140”  [inch] – 3.55 metre stretch:  overall length 8.72 metres.
  2. H160                        160”  [inch]  – 4.06 metre stretch:  overall length 9.23 metres.
  3. H200                        200”  [inch]  – 5.08 metre stretch:  overall length 10.25 metres.
  4. H210                        210”  [inch]  – 5.33 metre stretch:  overall length 10.50 metres.

A stretched Hummer limousine begins with a standard donor H2 Hummer sedan.  A normal family car or suv that can be purchased from any Hummer dealership in the United States. A coachbuilder purchases the standard Hummer car and cuts the car in half behind the drivers and passenger seat. Then a middle section is then created (which becomes the limo party section) and placed in the middle, between the drivers’ section and the boot and rear wheels section. 

This manufactured section is the “Stretch”, which gives any limousine its length. The “stretch” can be a small middle section inserted, or a super-huge middle section inserted.  As indicated above, there are also sizes in-between the shortest and longest.

When building a house, a 2-bedroom house with 1 bathroom is cheap compared to a 5-bedroom house with 2 bathrooms. Likewise, the size of the stretch is more expensive for each additional inch requested. And obviously, the size and length of the stretch [in inches] will decide the end result of the created limousines length.

So, this can be very important as the interior seating of a limousine is along both sides of the car.  So if one Hummer is 1metre shorter than another, there is possibly 2metres less seating room – even though they may both be licensed in Western Australia for the same seating capacity.